Due to concerns around the spread of COVID-19, CrescentCare providers are only seeing a limited number of patients in person at this time. In order to keep all of our patients safe, we are moving as many visits as possible to telehealth.  A telehealth visit is a visit with a provider done over your computer or your phone where you and the doctor do not meet in person.   Many of the same things that happen at an in person visit will happen during a telehealth visit.

A simultaneous audio visual visit leads to a better quality medical visit for our patients and makes it more likely than an audio only visit that the insurance company will pay for the visit.

The materials below help walk you through what steps you need to take to have a telehealth visit.  Our staff are here to help you so that you can have a successful visit with your provider and address your health needs.

Teleheath FAQ for Patients

Why chose a telehealth visit?

  • Your safety. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to make sure your primary care needs are still being addressed and we are protecting your safety.   We understand that this is awkward and new for all of us.   Many other health care providers around New Orleans are also moving to telehealth during this time.
  • Better quality medical visit for our patients.
  • Insurance coverage. Some insurance companies will only cover the cost of the visit if it is simultaneously audio and visual.  We do not want you to be stuck with a bill.

What is a telehealth visit?

  • A telehealth visit is visit with a provider done over technology where you and the doctor do not meet in person. Many of the same things that happen at an in person visit will happen during a telehealth visit.

What technology do I need to have to do a telehealth visit?

  • We recommend that you have a cell phone with a camera or a computer with a camera.
  • See the green buttons above for more information.
  • We recommend that you download the Healow app. To do so, you need an email address. While not required to do this for a visit, our patients have found this to be the easiest way of connecting with providers for a visit.

Can I use Facetime or Zoom with my provider?

  • Unfortunately, Facetime and the free Zoom platforms may not protect your health information.  CrescentCare will only use HIPAA compliant platforms for virtual visits between our patients and staff.

What if I need help with the technology?

  • When CrescentCare staff call to confirm your appointment please let them know that you need assistance. We will help you through the technology challenges.

What is the cost of a telehealth visit?

  • The cost of the visit is the same as it would be in person. All of the same rules around insurance deductibles and copays apply just as they would for an in person visit with one of our providers.