Hepatitis C is curable and treatment is easier than ever before! For information on Hepatitis C prevention, testing and linkage to treatment, contact Foster Noone, HCV Prevention Navigator:

Foster Noone, CrescentCare’s Hepatitis C Prevention Navigator
   Office: 504 821 2601 ext. 1217
   Cell Phone: 504.312.3264 (call or text)

Hepatitis C (HCV) is a virus that can cause inflammation and serious damage to the liver. HCV is transmitted through blood, and many people become infected through sharing syringes and injection equipment. Hepatitis C can be cured, but the CDC believes that over 2.4 million people in the United States are currently living with Hepatitis C.

CrescentCare offers a range of patient-centered resources for Hepatitis C prevention and treatment. Our Prevention department provides free rapid HCV testing and runs our syringe access program, NOSAP which distributes sterile injection supplies to thousands of participants every year.

For people living with Hepatitis C, CrescentCare has a team of experienced infectious disease specialists who can provide specialized HCV care. If you or a loved one are living with Hepatitis C or have questions about HCV care, please call or text our HCV Prevention Navigator at 504-312-3264.

FAQ for Hepatitis C & Louisiana Medicaid

Do I need to be sober or abstinent from drug use to begin treatment for Hepatitis C?

No! Sobriety is no longer a Medicaid or clinical requirement for HCV treatment in the state of Louisiana. CrescentCare is proud to offer holistic and culturally competent healthcare to all patients, including patients who inject drugs. 

I was diagnosed with Hep C years ago and my doctor told me that I couldn’t be cured until I met the Medicaid treatment requirements. Is that still true?

No! In July of 2019, the Medicaid restrictions for Hepatitis C treatment changed completely. Stage of liver fibrosis, abstinence from drug use, and waitlist placement are no longer factors for care. You do not need to wait.  You can start treatment immediately.  

I want to start treatment for my HCV but I am worried about cost. What should I do?

If you have Medicaid or Medicare, your Hepatitis C treatment and medication will be fully covered. If you are uninsured or unsure of your insurance status, CrescentCare has eligibility specialists who can help you reapply to Medicaid or enroll in an insurance plan that fits your healthcare needs. CrescentCare is committed to serving everyone to access insurance and these life-saving medications, regardless of income or insurance status.

I have Hepatitis C and I’m worried about giving it to other people. How can I prevent transmission?

Hepatitis C is most commonly spread through sharing syringes and injection equipment, but it can also be transmitted through sex and other situations where blood-to-blood contact might happen. If you inject drugs, try not to share syringes or works with other people.

Additional information is available on the Center for Disease Control Website.

Should I get my Hepatitis C cured if I think I might be reinfected later?

Yes! Your health is important, and it is important to treat HCV as early as possible. Future risk for HCV should not impact starting treatment now.     

Hep C Team

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Nick Van Sickels, Chief Medical Officer

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