Are you concerned you might have Hep C? Do you need treatment?

For Hepatitis C navigation and support including testing, information, and linkage to care and services, contact:

Cullen Hunter
   Office: 504.945.4000
   Cell Phone: 504.312.3264

Approximately 80,000 individuals in Louisiana are living with Hepatitis C virus (HCV) and many do not know that they are positive. Despite the existence of a cure, approximately 120 Louisiana residents are expected to die each year from HCV.

CrescentCare is using multiple strategies to improve outcomes for HCV+ patients, such as offering multiple locations to receive confirmatory testing, providing personalized patient navigation for newly diagnosed patients, and expanding treatment slots so that HCV+ patients can quickly receive the care they need. CrescentCare’s clinical staff is specially trained in the latest treatment options and can also provide assistance in purchasing insurance coverage for high-cost medications. While some health plans cover the costs of medication, Medicaid does not currently provide coverage unless an individual meets certain threshold requirements.

CrescentCare is also leveraging community partnerships to advocate for people living with HCV statewide. In October 2015, CrescentCare and the Harvard Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation brought together the community with stakeholders from across the state to build a common agenda for improving HCV outcomes in Louisiana. This innovative summit led to the formation of the Louisiana Hepatitis C Coalition which is now engaged in several projects to break down barriers to HCV testing and treatment.

Hep C Team

Nick Van Sickels, Chief Medical Officer

Nick Van Sickels, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Nick Van Sickels earned his medical degree at the University of Kentucky in 2005. He is originally from San Antonio Texas, and has been ... Read More
Isolde Butler, M.D.

Isolde Butler, MD

Dr. Isolde Butler attended Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology in 2001, before ... Read More
Rebecca Clark, M.D.

Rebecca Clark, MD

Dr. Rebecca Clark earned her MD degree at University of Washington and also has a PhD in epidemiology from Tulane University.  She completed her Infectious ... Read More
Wanda DeGruy, MA

Wanda DeGruy, MA

My Name is Wanda DeGruy, currently a Medical Assistant at CrescentCare. I've spent majority of my career caring and helping others as a medical ... Read More
Jason Halperin, M.D.

Jason Halperin, MD

Dr. Jason Halperin received his Master of Public Health from Columbia University in New York in 2006, and went on to earn his medical degree ... Read More
Laura Hernandez, NRCMA

Laura Hernandez, NRCMA

Laura Hernandez is a Medical Assistant at the CrescentCare Partnership Sexual Health Clinic who enjoys working as public servant. Laura holds a BS in Public ... Read More
Bruce Hinton, P.A.

Bruce Hinton, PA

Bruce Hinton received his physician assistant certificate from the University of California in 2011, and was credentialed as an HIV specialist with the Academy of ... Read More
Jo-Ann Jose, M.D.

Jo-Ann Jose, MD

Dr. Jo-Ann Jose went to Roosevelt University in Chicago for undergraduate training and Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine and Science for ... Read More
Mary Murphy, M.D.

Mary Murphy, MD

Dr. Mary Murphy earned her medical degree from the Juan N. Corpas School of Medicine in Bogota, Colombia in 1985. She completed her internal medicine ... Read More
Victor Nguyen, LPN

Victor Nguyen, LPN

I am a Licensed Practical Nurse at CrescentCare and grew up in New Orleans. I graduated and received my LPN degree from Delta College in ... Read More
Carole Pindaro, A.P.R.N.

Carole Pindaro, APRN

Carole Pindaro received her Master of Nursing from the Mississippi University for Women in Columbus, Mississippi in 1990, after receiving her Master of Public Health ... Read More
Dr. Seybolt

Lorna Seybolt, MD

Dr. Lorna Seybolt, MD attended the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and received her MPH from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health ... Read More
Julia Siren, A.P.R.N.

Julia Siren, APRN

Julia Siren is a board-certified APRN with certification in Women’s Health. She received her undergraduate degree in Social Work at the University of Wisconsin and ... Read More
Jennifer Suski, FNP, AAHIVS

Jennifer Suski, FNP, AAHIVS

Jennifer Suski joins CrescentCare from NYC where she focused on HIV care/prevention and transgender care. She graduated from Columbia University School of Nursing where she ... Read More
Danis Walker, P.A.

Danis Walker, PA

Danis Walker is a board certified physician assistant, and completed her Master of Physician Assistant Practice at the Keck School of Medicine at the University ... Read More

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