Are you concerned you might have Hep C? Do you need treatment?

For Hepatitis C navigation and support including testing, information, and linkage to care and services, contact:

Cullen Hunter
   Office: 504.945.4000
   Cell Phone: 504.312.3264

Approximately 80,000 individuals in Louisiana are living with Hepatitis C virus (HCV) and many do not know that they are positive. Despite the existence of a cure, approximately 120 Louisiana residents are expected to die each year from HCV.

CrescentCare is using multiple strategies to improve outcomes for HCV+ patients, such as offering multiple locations to receive confirmatory testing, providing personalized patient navigation for newly diagnosed patients, and expanding treatment slots so that HCV+ patients can quickly receive the care they need. CrescentCare’s clinical staff is specially trained in the latest treatment options and can also provide assistance in purchasing insurance coverage for high-cost medications. While some health plans cover the costs of medication, Medicaid does not currently provide coverage unless an individual meets certain threshold requirements.

CrescentCare is also leveraging community partnerships to advocate for people living with HCV statewide. In October 2015, CrescentCare and the Harvard Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation brought together the community with stakeholders from across the state to build a common agenda for improving HCV outcomes in Louisiana. This innovative summit led to the formation of the Louisiana Hepatitis C Coalition which is now engaged in several projects to break down barriers to HCV testing and treatment.

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