Jeanne and Alexander Kaiser in their earlier and later years.
Jeanne and Alexander Kaiser in their earlier and later years.

NO/AIDS Task Force has received one of the largest individual donations from the Estate of Jeanne and Alexander Kaiser in honor of their son, Dr. Michael Kaiser. The Kaisers left over $130,000 to NO/AIDS Task Force. With the blessing of Dr. Mike and his sisters, the funds will be used for the Capital Campaign for the new CrescentCare health center currently under construction at 1631 Elysian Fields.

According to Noel Twilbeck, CEO of CrescentCare, the donation is one of the largest personal donations in the agency’s 35-year history and the largest donation to the Capital Campaign to date.

“The generosity of Jeanne and Al and the legacy of Dr. Mike’s work will continue on in our new home,” Twilbeck said. “We are ever grateful of the legacy he built in New Orleans. This kind of giving will have an impact for generations of people who seek care at CrescentCare. These genuine gifts of the heart enable us to better serve the community.”

Dr. Mike spent nearly 15 years working in the HIV/AIDS arena in New Orleans.. He was one of the founders of NO/AIDS in 1983 and served as our Medical Director until 1998 when he left New Orleans for Washington, DC where he accepted a position in the Ryan White Bureau.

Dr. Kaiser, a pediatrician and the medical director of Children’s Hospital Emergency Room, was also concerned about children and infected teens. Along with a colleague at Children’s Hospital, Dr. Kaiser in 1988 authored a proposal to HRSA to develop the Pediatric AIDS Program, now known as FACES. Children’s Hospital had begun to see children infected from birth and through blood transfusions. At that time only 12 children under 14 in Louisiana were diagnosed. He also oversaw the funding and development of the Resources for Adolescents Program (RAP), recognizing the need to prevent the transmission of HIV to youth in the New Orleans area.

His parents wanted to honor the legacy of the work their son had accomplished in New Orleans and they were fond of the agency their son helped create. As a result, they set up the Alexander and Jeanne C. Kaiser Irrevocable Charitable Remainder Unitrust, the first ever bequeathed to the agency.

“My parents were volunteers and believed in social justice and were always philanthropic with their time and money. As children of the depression, they were cautious and knew how to save and plan. As part of their estate planning, they wanted to support NO/AIDS, something that makes me very proud,” Dr. Kaiser said.

According to by placing an asset into a trust, the asset is removed from the estate, so no estate taxes will be due upon death. An immediate charitable tax deduction is given.for the value of the gift and no capital gains taxes are due. The trustee then sells the asset at full market value and re-invests the proceeds in income-producing assets. For the rest of your life, the trust pays you income. When you die, the remaining trust assets go the charity(ies) you have chosen.

“While the tax laws have changed since this trust was established in the 1990’s, this approach could still be an important strategy for some NO/AIDS supporters,” Dr. Kaiser added.   “My Mom, who passed last year at age 95, wrote an annual letter to Noel, apologizing for living so long. She knew, that the longer she lived, the value of the donation was shrinking as she was living off the income being generated. My Dad, who passed in 1999, would have reminded her that the donation was working exactly as he had planned…. supporting her living expenses, saving taxes, and supporting NO/AIDS.”

If you would like to find how to support the Capital Campaign or leave a lasting legacy to CrescentCare, please visit or call Director of Development, Rodney Thoulion at 504-821-2601, Ext.203.




CrescentCare receives high honor from HRC

New Orleans — For the third consecutive year, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation named CrescentCare as a Leader In LGBTQ Healthcare Equality. The index scores healthcare facilities on policies and practices dedicated to the equitable treatment and inclusion of their LGBTQ patients, visitors and employees. Only 418 facilities, including CrescentCare, earned the perfect p score of 100.

“At a time when health care and the rights of LGBTQ people are under attack by the Trump-Pence Administration and state legislatures across the country, hundreds of top healthcare facilities are driving progress toward equality,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “These top-scoring facilities are not only establishing policies that save LGBTQ lives every day, they have become vocal advocates for equality in the public square. This year, we are heartened to see corporate champions, including many healthcare systems, not just speaking out, but also doubling down on their commitment to equality.”

CrescentCare, a federally qualified health center, began in 1983 as NO/AIDS Task Force, a non-profit organization that was at the helm of the AIDS crisis in New Orleans. In 2014, the organization transitioned into a primary care facility that offers healthcare to all.

“Our roots as NO/AIDS Task Force has made achieving this designation a natural fit for us as CrescentCare since we have served many in the LGBTQ community for so long,” said Noel Twilbeck, CEO of CrescentCare. “But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take hard work and a conscious effort every day to make it happen. We work hard at having an inclusive environment for our patients, visitors and employees. I am proud of the inclusiveness of our organization.”

In the 2018 report, an impressive 418 facilities earned HRC’s “LGBTQ Healthcare Equality Leader” designation, receiving the maximum score in each section and earning an overall score of 100. Another 95 facilities earned the “Top Performer” designation for scoring from 80 to 95 points. With 82 percent of participating facilities scoring 80 points or more, health care facilities are demonstrating concretely that they are going beyond the basics when it comes to adopting policies and practices in LGBTQ care.

The remarkable progress reflected in the 2018 HEI include:
59 percent increase in hospitals that have written gender transition guidelines;
42 percent increase in hospitals that offer trans-inclusive benefits;
21 percent increase in the number of participants that have transgender-specific policies;
63 percent increase in training hours recorded – clocking in at more than 70,000 hours of LGBTQ care training provided.

“While the 2018 HEI shows a growing commitment across the nation to equitable and inclusive health care, it also illustrates work left to be done,” said Tari Hanneman, Director of the HRC Foundation’s Health Equality Project, and author of the HEI. “And that work has never been more urgent, given the all-out assaults on the LGBTQ community from the highest levels of government.”

The potential damage that could be caused by the proposed Trump-Pence “conscience” regulation — another effort to allow a license to discriminate against LGBTQ people — is already spreading fear through vulnerable communities. In comments submitted today to the administration, parents, spouses, nurses and physicians are among a growing chorus expressing alarm at the prospect of allowing health care workers to prioritize their beliefs over care — whether it be for a transgender person, for a patient seeking life-saving access to PrEP, or LGBTQ couples needing fertility services to start their family.

Recently, CrescentCare launched a series of advertisements called, “We See You” that reinforces CrescentCare’s commitment to the LGBTQ community.

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Augustin Correro, Marketing/PR

CrescentCare receives high honor from HRC

CrescentCare named as a Leader in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality

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CrescentCare’s mission is to offer comprehensive health and wellness services to the community, to advocate empowerment, to safeguard the rights and dignity of individuals, and to provide for an enlightened public.

Augustin Correro, Marketing/PR


54,000 Square Foot Health Home at 1631 Elysian Fields is Being Constructed to Revolutionize Health Outcomes in New Orleans.

January 10th 2018 – CrescentCare, a Federally Qualified Health Center which grew out of the NO/AIDS Task Force, has grown at an exponential pace in the past few years. To meet growing need, the agency made plans to build a new health center which will more than double its capacity to serve the community. The new site is going up at 1631 Elysian Fields, and by early 2019 will be offering primary medical care, dental care, behavioral health, and other supportive services for the greater New Orleans area. To complete the building, the agency needs $4 million more of the total cost, approximately $32 million. CrescentCare is turning to the community for this vital funding.

To a room of about a hundred long-time advocates and supporters, CEO Noel Twilbeck introduced the campaign, dubbed Deeply Rooted / Branching Out at Ralph’s on the Park Wednesday evening. An ask for funding was made, but he also requested help in spreading the word and enthusiasm about the necessity of this health center.

Twilbeck States, “This project will ultimately make an incredible impact on the community. As the campaign title suggests, we are poised to offer high-quality services we’ve cultivated over our decades of serving the community to thousands more—every contribution to this campaign will change lives, without question.

CrescentCare’s health homes present valuable opportunities for individuals and families in the neighborhoods surrounding them to access quality services which might otherwise be out of reach. Additionally, the centers operate at various hours that make it possible for workers in the service industry to be seen outside of traditional business hours. The 8th Ward neighborhood and the community at-large stand to reap significant benefits from this facility.
Rodney Thoulion, Director of Development for CrescentCare Remarks: “We are in a great position because sometimes campaigns like this have to start completely from scratch and it can take a long while for the facilities to go up. Because of our incredible partners, we’ve already got work started, so anyone can see where the efforts are going—just drive past the building on Elysian Fields and you can see the future of CrescentCare.”

The new facility is funded in part by New Market Tax credits provided by the Primary Care Development Corporation, Hope Enterprises, and Chase. Gould Evans serves as the artchitects and contractors. Donahue-Favret have been instrumental in the project.

At the conclusion of the event, one donor provided a $50,000 contribution to get the ball rolling. CrescentCare hopes to have more soon.

“We’re going to need a lot more like that,” said Alice Riener, Chief Legal and Policy Officer for CrescentCare, “Just like in the healthcare setting, there’s more work to be done, but it’s worth it, and we’re excited to share this project with the community. In the current policy environment, accessible, high-quality healthcare for everyone needs to be a whole-community priority.”

Individuals and groups interested in contributing to CrescentCare’s mission and the building of this new facility are encouraged to contact Rodney Thoulion, Director of Development at or 504.821.2601 ext.

WHO: CrescentCare
WHERE: New Facility Being Constructed at 1631 Elysian Fields
WHEN: Ongoing throughout 2018
CONTACT: or 504.821.2601 ext

Chevron NO/AIDS Walk Moves to Crescent Park

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 5, 2017

Chevron NO/AIDS Walk Moves to Crescent Park

On Sunday September 24th the 28-year old event returns to its downtown roots after over a decade in Audubon Park.

NEW ORLEANS—CrescentCare’s 28th annual NO/AIDS Walk presented by Chevron and co-sponsor Avita Pharmacy will take place for the first time at Crescent Park on September 24. The event has been at Audubon Park for more than ten years.

The Festival for Life, a family event catered by Louisiana Pizza Kitchen-Uptown, will follow the Walk and feature over twenty local vendors. Christopher Leonard, Special Events Coordinator for CrescentCare says of the event:

“The Walk is a true community effort. Everyone pitches in, including sponsors, volunteers, staff, vendors, and so many more contributors. It’s a display of the community’s commitment to ending the AIDS epidemic.”

CrescentCare is constructing a new health center in the 8th Ward just down Elysian Fields Avenue from the entrance to Crescent Park. This move is aimed at raising awareness in the nearby neighborhoods that great things are soon to come, in addition to its traditional purpose: raising awareness and funds for vital HIV and AIDS-related treatment and programs.

“The choice to move back downtown was an easy one—the park is beautiful, the event space meets all of our needs, and most importantly it’s situated in the neighborhood we’ll soon be serving with our new community health center. It gives our current and future clients an opportunity to engage in activities outside of the service setting, which is very rewarding for us. Plus, it’s the neighborhood where the agency started!” says Rodney Thoulion, Director of Development at CrescentCare.

“At the Chevron NO/AIDS Walk, people from all walks of life come together to raise awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS,” said Leah Brown, Public Affairs Manager for Chevron’s Gulf of Mexico Business Unit. “We’re proud to once again support this race, proud to partner with the CrescentCare NO/AIDS Task Force as they work to provide hope, compassion and care to thousands of men, women and families affected by HIV and AIDS.”

Entertainment for the event will include 5-Finger Discount and the New Orleans Gay Men’s Chorus. Children will have a unique opportunity to hear favorite stories unforgettably rendered during Drag Queen Story Hour featuring Vanessa Carr Kennedy.

For those individuals who want to participate but who haven’t dusted off their walking shoes in a while, there will be a group warmup led by Chevron and featuring the Disco Amigos dance troupe. At the conclusion of the walk, awards will be given for highest raiser and other accolades, both on and off the walking path.

For more information or to register a team and fundraise for valuable AIDS & HIV-related services at CrescentCare, visit

Additional support for the NO/AIDS Walk is provided by sponsors Capital One Bank, Goldring Family Foundation, Corporate Realty, Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, Ochsner, Dow, Intermarine, Macy’s, TJMaxx, Gambit, NOLA Media Group, Event Restroom, and Ambush Weekly.

WHO: CrescentCare
WHERE: Crescent Park, Elysian Fields Entrance
WHEN: Sunday, September 24, 8am

CrescentCare Breaks Ground on Expansive Health Center on Elysian Fields Avenue.


NEW ORLEANSAugust 15, 2017 CrescentCare was joined by government officials, financing partners, community members, and development team members for the official ground-breaking of a new health center at 1631 Elysian Fields Avenue, one block from N. Claiborne.

District D City Councilmember Jared Brossett spoke in support of the Project, which will bring vital healthcare services and over 200 permanent jobs to this district. Brossett was joined by District C Councilmember Nadine Ramsey, State Senator Jack Donahue (District 11), and State Representative John Bagneris (District 100). Dr. David Teuscher, US Department of Health and Human Services Regional Administrator for Intergovernmental and External Affairs (Region 6), also appeared during his visit to Louisiana to meet local healthcare stakeholders to address the State’s most pressing healthcare concerns.

“This Project has been a labor of love for the community – I’m glad to say City Council unanimously voted to support the Project,” Councilmember Brossett said in his remarks. “Increasing healthcare accessibility is what we need in our city, throughout our great state, and throughout the country.”

At the site, CrescentCare will combine four of its current service sites into a comprehensive campus, tripling the Federally-Qualified Health Center’s capacity to provide comprehensive services: primary care, pediatric care, dental, HIV services, case management, and behavioral health services to individuals at all income and insurance levels. CrescentCare grew out of the NO/AIDS Task Force, one of the oldest AIDS Services Organization in the nation and a long-standing community organization. The groundbreaking event was held in conjunction with National Health Center Week.

Gina Brown, CrescentCare client and Trustee, attests to CrescentCare’s quality services and holistic approach. Ms. Brown will soon be honored alongside Laverne Cox & Tanaji P. Henson as a Black AIDS Institute Hero Award recipient.

“As a client at CrescentCare, I’ve gone from needing hand-holding to now being on the Board of Trustees. CrescentCare has given me an opportunity to really grow as a woman living with HIV,” Ms. Brown remarked.

CrescentCare CEO Noel Twilbeck believes the organization will make a meaningful impact on health outcomes in New Orleans.

“It is the community’s need for services that confirms our commitment to grow, to expand, and with the help of our partners and other outstanding organizations in this city, to strive for a New Orleans in which everyone has access to high quality, affordable health care within reach of their homes and neighborhoods,” Mr. Twilbeck said.

Gulf Coast Housing Partnership (GCHP) serves as the Developer and Project Manager. GCHP has been working with CrescentCare toward this concept since 2012.

“The relationship between Gulf Coast Housing Partnership and CrescentCare is a brilliant embodiment of GCHP’s mission,” said Kathy Laborde, President & CEO of GCHP. “We are known as affordable housing providers, but there is so much more to quality living besides housing. We work to provide facilities where we can bring healthcare and financial services to the residents.”

“We worked in the past with CrescentCare to create of affordable homes in this community. Today, just around the corner from those homes, we celebrate our partnership again – breaking ground on this community-driven, accessible, and comprehensive healthcare facility.  We couldn’t be more proud.”

Financing for the $23 million new facility is made possible with a New Markets Tax Credit allocation from Primary Care Development Corporation, Hope Enterprise Corporation, and Chase Community Development Banking. Gould Evans, LLC is the architect and DonahueFavret Contractors, Inc. is the general contractor.

HOPE will further its partnership with CrescentCare by opening a new Hope Credit Union branch in the ground level of the new building.

“We look forward to expanding financial services, alongside CrescentCare’s expansion of healthcare and support services, to the families and residents of this community,” stated Mary Elizabeth Evans, Senior Vice President of Community & Economic Development for HOPE. “We look forward to a long-term partnership.”

WHO: CrescentCare

WHERE: 1631 Elysian Fields Avenue

WHEN: Tuesday August 15 at 10am


CrescentCare’s mission is to offer comprehensive health and wellness services to the community, to advocate empowerment, to safeguard the rights and dignity of individuals, and to provide for an enlightened public.


GCHP is a partnership and mission driven real estate development organization focused on creating healthy communities through affordable housing and complementary commercial facilities.

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