Volunteers are the heart of CrescentCare. They support paid staff to provide comprehensive assistance for our clients, their families and loved ones as well as assist in the implementation and development of our programs and events. Like our clients, volunteers come from every segment of the community. They share the common bond of providing informative care, counseling and assistance for those seeking help from one of our seven locations.

Volunteering with CrescentCare requires awareness and sensitivity to the needs of our clients. At times, this includes working with clients addressing HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ related issues. Although compassion, concern and caring go a long way, some areas require volunteers with specific skills, time commitments and specialized knowledge. The volunteer interview will help to answer questions about CrescentCare and volunteer areas while assuring proper placement and quality control for our programs. CrescentCare offers an AIDS Awareness & Volunteer Training workshop which provides insight into the basics of HIV/AIDS and the many programs and services that we provide. Volunteers are also encouraged to attend in-services, community events and other trainings which will help to provide them with the skills necessary to meet the ever-growing needs of the community.

Get involved and make a difference!

A few CrescentCare Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Client Services – Administrative support, help with Client’s Clothing Closet, surveys.
  • Food For Friends– Kitchen services, meal delivery and food pantry.
  • Peer Support – Assisting clients and overseeing Peer Support Suite.
  • Testing & Counseling – Volunteers administer and counsel individuals taking an HIV test at one of our locations, venue testing and the CareVan. Persons being tested speak with a counselor before testing and when results are given.
  • Special Events – Art Against AIDS, NO/AIDS WALK, Dining Out For Life
  • Administrative Support- CrescentCare often has opportunities available to help support the day-to-day operations of all seven agency locations.
  • CrescentCare Health & Wellness Center – Administrative support, data input
  • The CAN Project/Outreach – Volunteers assist with office administration, community outreach, HIV testing etc.
  • FACES/FCSC – Administrative & office support.
  • The Movement – Office administration, community outreach, HIV testing, education etc.

Unconditional understanding of strict confidentiality guidelines is vital to the operation of CrescentCare. Please note that volunteering with CrescentCare  requires the completion of a HIPAA test and documentation of a negative TB screening. Volunteers interested in Peer Support, Counseling & Testing, The CAN Project and The Movement requires successful completion of the CrescentCare AIDS Awareness & Volunteer Training. Additional training is required for HIV Counseling & Testing.

Want to volunteer?

Contact Doreen Tollerson, Director of Volunteer Services
Ph: (504) 821-2601 ext. 215 Fax: (504) 267-3014 email: doreen.tollerson@crescentcarehealth.org or complete our volunteer form below:

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