Executive Staff

Chief Executive Officer – Noel Twilbeck, Jr., MBA

Chief Executive Officer – Noel Twilbeck, Jr., MBA, provides the leadership role to the project team. Twilbeck has worked in various capacities in the agency since 1989 before his appointment as Executive Director (later CEO) in 1999.. Twilbeck is responsible for the operation and administration of CrescentCare. As CEO he is responsible for the day-to-day agency functioning, including its programs, services, facilities and resources, and for the implementation of policies and procedures established by the Board of Trustees. His successful tenure as CEO is defined by the agency’s resiliency in rebounding and continuing its operations after-Hurricane Katrina. Under his leadership, the agency budget has grown from $3.4 million in 2006 to $32.8 million; programs have expanded coverage from New Orleans to include a 12-parish area with ten locations; and staff has increased to more than 240 employees and 600 volunteers. The agency works with more than 20,000 people in its various programs each year. Twilbeck holds a BA in Business and MBA from the University of New Orleans (UNO). He is the recipient of a host of local, regional and national awards for his service to the organization and to the HIV/AIDS community. Hewas recognized as one of 2012 Health Care Heroes by New Orleans’ CityBusiness weekly magazine.

Chief Medical Officer—Nicholas Van Sickels, MD

Chief Medical Officer—Nicholas Van Sickels, MD, is originally from San Antonio Texas, and has been in New Orleans for 11 years. He went to the University of Texas at Austin for undergraduate training, and earned his medical degree at the University of Kentucky in 2005. After graduating, he moved to New Orleans, where he completed his Internal Medicine training at Tulane University in 2008. He went on to be a Chief Resident in internal medicine, and then completed his infectious disease training in 2011. Since then he has been a faculty physician at Tulane, and is now the Chief Medical Officer at CrescentCare. He enjoys teaching, global health, LGBTQ equality and rights, and advocacy for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Chief Operations Officer – Reginald Vicks, RN, BSN, MBA

Chief Operations Officer – Reginald Vicks, RN, BSN, MBA brings more than 27 years of health care leadership experience to oversee and monitor the agency’s multi-site specific programs and operations. Vicks is a registered nurse with experience in health care management in both acute care and community-based settings. His professional background includes both direct patient care and nursing management. Prior to CrescentCare, he was the director of the Emergency Department and Critical care for New Orleans East Hospital.   Vicks brings experience in operations, policy and procedure development, staffing management and equipment procurement, as well as training, research and the use of an evidence-based practice model of care delivery. His experience with start-up processes as New Orleans and its hospitals rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina assists CrescentCare as it continues to expand.

Chief Legal and Policy Officer – Alice Riener, JD

Chief Legal and Policy Officer – Alice Riener, JD, provides legal advice, oversight of compliance and audit requirements, administrative support for grants, and guides the human resources aspect of CrescentCare. She leads strategic initiatives and numerous special projects, including the Elysian Fields project. Riener staffs the Board Executive Committee along with the CEO and steers Board education efforts, as well as tracks compliance and risk issues to report to the Board. She provides legal expertise to leadership and staff in addition to serving as advisor to the Board for regulatory and legal concerns. Ms. Riener graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts in English, and holds a Juris Doctor from American University’s Washington College of Law.

Chief Information Officer–Seema Gai, MBBS (MD), MPH

Chief Information Officer–Seema Gai, MBBS (MD), MPH, serves as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at CrescentCare. She oversees and manages enterprise-wide Information Technology, Informatics and Continuous Quality Improvement initiatives. Following Hurricane Katrina, Gai along with other community leaders developed an innovative neighborhood-based primary care and mental health service for uninsured and other vulnerable populations, including a complex IT infrastructure within the city. She currently serves on the board as Treasurer of 504HealthNet, a coordinated network of healthcare providers in the Greater New Orleans region. She also Co-Chairs the Louisiana HIV Clinical Quality group and serves on the Administrative Committee for Partnership for Achieving Total Health. Gai graduated from the prestigious Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute with a medical degree and received a Master of Public Health from the University of Illinois at Springfield.

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