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This document describes how to install the healow application and initialize a healow® TeleVisits appointment from an iOS® or Android® smartphone.

Note: For more information, refer to the complete documentation available on the healow Website<

Installing the healow Application

To install healow application:

  1. Open App Store® from your iPhone® or Google PlayTM from your Android phone:
  2. Type healow app in the search box.
  3. Tap Get in the App Store or Install in Google Play. This installs the application to your phone.
    Note: Make sure the application you are installing is the one developed by eClinicalWorks®, LLC.
  4. Tap Open. OR Tap the healow application from the launcher:

Initializing a TeleVisit

To initialize a TeleVisit:

    1. Open the healow app, and tap Get Started:
    2. Accept the following in-phone notifications:
      • Location
      • Camera
      • Microphone
    3. Enter the Practice Code:
    4. Enter the login credentials provided by the practice and tap Login:

      Note: The username and the password are case-sensitive.
    5. Accept the Terms and Conditions for the healow application:
    6. Verify the account by entering your Date of Birth.
    7. Create and confirm a 4-digit PIN of your choice:

      Note: Remember your 4-digit PIN; you will need it the next time you log in to the application.
    8.  On the wheel screen, tap Appointments:
    9. Tap the appointment:
    10. Tap Start TeleVisit:
    11. Complete the questionnaire and tap Submit Questionnaire & Next:

      Note: Questions are not mandatory; complete as much as you are able.
    12. Enter your vital signs and tap Submit Vitals:

      Note: Vitals are not mandatory; complete as much as you are able.
    13. Tap Start Televisit:
    14. You are checked in. Wait for your provider to connect:
    15. Tap the red phone icon at the bottom of the screen to end the visit:


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