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This document describes how to join a healow® TeleVisits virtual appointment through an e-mail link provided by the practice.

To join a televisit, you will need the following:

  1. A supported browser:
    1. Google™ Chrome™ for macOS®, Windows®, Linux®, or Chrome OS™ Safari® for macOS
    2. Firefox® for macOS, Windows, or Linux
    3. OperaTM for macOS, Windows, or Linux
  2. A webcam and microphone (while using a desktop)


To access a healow TeleVisits appointment, click the Join this Telemed Appointment directly link sent by your practice to your e-mail address:

Starting the TeleVisit

After you click the Join this Telemed Appointment Directly button in the e-mail, the healow TeleVisit window opens.

To join the televisit:

  1. On the healow TeleVisit window, answer the questions in the Questionnaire section.
    Note: Questions are not mandatory; complete as much as you are able.
  2. Click Submit Questionnaire:

  3. Enter your vitals in the Vitals section and then click Submit Vitals:

  4. On the pop-up window, click Allow.
    The healow TeleVisits system performs a compatibility check to make sure the necessary requirements, including the webcam, microphone, and Internet bandwidth, are compatible to join the televisit.

    After the compatibility check is performed, the system responds with the following message: The questionnaire and Vitals have been submitted successfully

  5. Click Start TeleVisit:

    The virtual waiting room window opens, displaying the provider’s name and appointment time. At the same time, the provider is notified about the televisit appointment:

    When the provider joins the televisit, the Provider and Patient Windows opens. The duration of the televisit displays on the bottom of the window.The healow TeleVisit window includes a viewing window, time duration, and camera and audio options:

    The following table describes the features available on the TeleVisit window:

  6. After the televisit is concluded, click the red phone icon at the bottom of the window to end the session:


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