NO/AIDS Task Force d.b.a. CrescentCare, seeks proposals from qualified consultant(s) to provide services over the next 12 months to assist in development and implementation of a strategic plan to ensure that CrescentCare is a leader in positive social change in the face of systemic racism and other discrimination in communities and organizations.

Organizational Background

CrescentCare (previously NO/AIDS Task Force) is a non-profit, 501(c)3 community-based organization which has provided HIV/AIDS services throughout southeast Louisiana since 1983. It is one of the largest AIDS Services Organizations in the southeastern United States. In 2013, NO/AIDS expanded its mission, changed its name to CrescentCare and became a Federally Qualified Health Center system. CrescentCare’s mission is to offer comprehensive health and wellness services to the community, to advocate empowerment, to safeguard the rights and dignity of individuals, and to provide for an enlightened public.

CrescentCare now has almost 300 employees and 600 volunteers serving almost 14,000 patients with two primary care sites, behavioral health, and dental services; more than 3,500 individuals with supportive services (including food, housing, legal, nutrition, health insurance enrollment, and others); and more than 20,000 a year are reached through testing and prevention programs. Today approximately 35% of CrescentCare’s patients are living with HIV and CrescentCare serves a third of all individuals living with HIV in New Orleans. Over the last several years, CrescentCare has experienced tremendous growth in the number of patients served which has also resulted in significantly increased diversity of patients. In 2019, out of the over 14,000 patients, 48 percent were very low income (below 100 percent of the federal poverty level) and 46 percent are African American.

CrescentCare has a strong history of providing culturally competent services for over three decades. CrescentCare recruits from the community it serves to ensure staff is representative of the greater New Orleans Community. CrescentCare has a strong, experienced, and culturally competent staff; approximately 55% percent are people of color, including in key leadership positions. CrescentCare has continually focused on meaningful involvement of people living with HIV. As a Federally Qualified Health Center, 51 percent of CrescentCare’s board is required receive care from the organization and it includes Black representation and several individuals living with HIV. The National LGBT Healthcare Equality Index is administered by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC) and CrescentCare has been designated a LGBTQ Healthcare Equality Leader each year 2016-2019.

Background Information Regarding the Solicitation for Consulting Services

CrescentCare comes from two powerful legacies and two social justice movements. The origins of the NO/AIDS Task Force organization was in response to the devastation of the AIDS epidemic. The movement and legacy it intentionally joined when it became CrescentCare is that of community health centers. Community centers were born out of the civil rights movement and the war on poverty and have a powerful history built on social justice. It is also one that can help frame, ground and inform CrescentCare’s work as it moves forward to the future. It is through CrescentCare’s work of providing quality, humble and affordable health care and supportive services to the vulnerable in the New Orleans community that CrescentCare as an organization can truly help effect deep structural change and can contribute to the social justice movement. CrescentCare’s almost 300 staff members come to the organization with huge diversity of backgrounds, understanding, and perspectives. CrescentCare’s response to systematic racism, homophobia, transphobia, anti-immigrant sentiment and misogyny must be systemic and strategic. It must be a strategy of cultural humility, intersectionality, inclusiveness and kindness. CrescentCare has a goal over the next year to intentionally work to improve its organizational culture by equipping its staff and leaders with the tools to accomplish this organizational change and improvement so that every member of the organization has an understanding of systemic racism. CrescentCare’s longer term goal is to create a culture within the organization of reflection, insight, awareness, acceptance, kindness, and support for its staff so that it can more effectively serve the community and achieve its mission.


Objectives of the Consulting Services:

CrescentCare is seeking a consultant to provide services over the next 12 months (with the possibility of renewals) to develop and assist in implementation of a strategy and plan to ensure that CrescentCare is a leader in positive social change in the face of systemic racism and other discrimination in communities and organizations. The consultant, in coordination with staff and Board Members, would:

  • Conduct an assessment of CrescentCare’s current environment and culture as it relates to racism and other forms of discrimination, including holding meetings with CrescentCare leadership staff, individual departments, its Black Leadership Advisory Committee (BLAC), its Transgender Advisory Committee (TAC), leadership, and other employees, and the Board of Trustees.
  • Develop recommendations to address identified areas of need for improvement and provide a strategic plan to CrescentCare leadership.
  • Work with CrescentCare’s leadership team to implement the approved strategic plan and facilitate conversations, trainings and meetings to address areas of need for improvement and expand the dialogues with staff to ensure all voice are heard and all issues addressed.
  • Assist CrescentCare in developing ways to change our culture to enhance cultural humility, intersectionality, and prevent racism and other forms of discrimination so as to better serve the community.


  • Report on assessment of CrescentCare’s current environment and policies.
  • Strategic plan outlining activities recommended for a 12-month period.
  • Monthly meetings with agency staff
  • Quarterly reports on progress on implementation of the strategic plan.
  • Final report on progress on implementation of the strategic plan. 1.3 PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS, EVALUATION & SCHEDULE Proposal Requirements
    Address the following topics in a proposal not to exceed 15 pages.
  • Project Understanding.
  • Project Approach including significant activities and deliverables and describe yourproposed process. Include the duties you would perform and those you expect to bedone by CrescentCare.
  • Project timeline.
  • Cost proposal of fees and expenses for consulting services.
  • Consultant capabilities, including experience with similar organizations, especiallyhealthcare; experience with system racism and anti-discrimination strategies andsolutions; experience in the New Orleans community; and any other relevant experience.
  • Consultant background (Biography or resume detailing experience with similarprojects. If more than one consultant would be on the project team, provideinformation for each individual.)
  • References: Complete contact information of three references from the past 3 years.Respondents may submit additional information or sample consulting products limited to no more than three additional attachments.Evaluation Requirements
  • 25% Quality and completeness of understanding, approach and overall proposal
  • 25% Quality of match between qualifications/capabilities and experience, project scopeand requirements
  • 20% Expertise of consultant
  • 15% References
  • 15% Budget

Estimated Schedule

Issue Request for Proposals July 20, 2020
Proposals due August 7, 2020
Evaluation of proposals August 7-14, 2020
Interviews/Presentations conducted with finalists. August 17-18, 2020
Announce decision and send notification August 21, 2020
Begin work September 1, 2020

CrescentCare reserves the right to revise the above schedule.

Questions/Clarifications Contact Robin Hunn at robin.hunn@crescentcare.org

Proposal Submissions are due no later than 5:00 pm CST on August 7, 2020 in electronic version only to robin.hunn@crescentcare.org