Dr. Halperin is a plenary speaker at the 2018 Texas HIV/STD conference.  He will be presenting CrescentCare’s innovative Rapid Start program—CrescentCare Start Initiative— designed to initiate HIV treatment on the day of diagnosis.

Louisiana is on the frontlines of the HIV epidemic and this intervention is nationally recognized as a model for linking patients into medical care, starting treatment and achieving viral suppression.  Early viral suppression is key to ending the HIV epidemic.  Once virally suppressed, people living with HIV can flourish with a life expectancy that is unchanged and can no longer transmit the virus.  Please click here for the presentation and for our standard operating procedure.

Over 150 patients in New Orleans have been started on life-saving therapy within 72 hours of diagnosis.

CrescentCare is committed to ending all stigma related to HIV.  We believe in a status neutral society where everyone is tested and if positive started on therapy immediately and if negative evaluated for PrEP – a medication that can prevent HIV.  Together, we can end this epidemic.

Photo: nola.com