June 6, 2019

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Each year, dozens of the area’s best restaurants will donate a portion of their proceeds to NO/AIDS Task Force. All you have to do is dine at one of the participating restaurants and you will be helping those affected by HIV and AIDS in our community.

For over 30 years, NO/AIDS Task Force has been providing hope, care and compassion to thousands of men, women and families affected by HIV & AIDS in Southeast Louisiana. The Task Force acknowledges that the complications of HIV disease are not just physical, but mental, emotional, and social as well. That is why our agency offers a full spectrum of care at low to no cost, including services such as: an HIV medical clinic, food pantry, home delivered meals, housing, mental health, medications, and many others. NO/AIDS also remains committed to the health of our entire community and reaches over 20,000 each year through HIV prevention education efforts.

Participating Restaurants

We’ll be adding more as the event nears, so please check back. Don’t see the restaurant you’re looking for? Be sure to also check our Dining Out For Life website.

Restaurant NamePhoneDonationMeals
Adolfo’s(504) 948-3800
Donating $250
Avery’s on Tulane(504) 821-4110Donating 20%Lunch
Banana Blossom(504) 392-7530Donating 20%Dinner, Lunch
Bayou Market Buffet at Boomtown Casino and Hotel
Donating 20%
Boomtown Casino and HotelDonating 20%Dinner
Brennan’s(504) 525-9711Donating 20% + Gay Pride Happy Hour
Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner, Happy Hour, Lunch
Buffa’s Bar & Restaurant(504) 628-3640Donating 20%Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
Cafe Amelie(504) 412-8965Donating 100%Brunch, Dessert, Dinner, Lunch
Cafe Dauphine(504) 309-6391Donating 20%Dinner, Lunch
Cafe Degas(504) 945-5635Donating 20%Dinner, Lunch
Cafe Minh(504) 482-6266Donating 25%Dinner, Lunch
Chef Ron’s Gumbo Stop(504) 835-2022Donating 25%Dinner, Lunch
The Country Club(504) 945-0742Donating 25%Dinner, Lunch
Cru by Marlon Alexander(504) 266-2856Donating 25%Dinner
Cunada Taqueria(504) 319-8116Donating 25%Dinner
EAT(504) 522-7222Donating 50%Brunch, Dinner, Lunch
Faubourg Bistro / 700 Club(504) 561-1095Donating 20%Dinner, Lunch
The Grill Room at Windsor Court(504) 596-4798Donating 20%Dinner
High Hat Cafe(504) 754-1336Donating 25%Dinner, Lunch
Jack Dempsey’s(504) 512-1397Donating 20%Dinner, Lunch
La Crepe Nanou(504) 899-2670Donating 75%Dinner
Louisiana Pizza Kitchen Ð Uptown(504) 866-5900Donating 25%Dinner, Lunch
Mark Twain’s Pizza(504) 832-8032Donating 20%Dinner, Lunch
MaypopDrag Brunch Donation
Meauxbar(504) 569-9979Donating 25%Dinner
Mona Lisa Restaurant(504) 522-6746Donating 25%Dinner, Lunch
Muriel’s Jackson Square(504) 568-1885Donating 100%Dinner, Lunch
Nacho Mama’s(504) 736-1188Donating 20%Dinner, Lunch
Pagoda Cafe(504) 908-9384Donating 20%Breakfast, Lunch
Petite Amelie(504) 412-8065Donating 100%Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
Polly’s Bywater Cafe(504) 459-4571Donating 25%Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch
Restaurant des Familles(504) 689-7834Donating 25%Dinner, Lunch
Santa Fe
(504) 948-0077
Donating 25%Dinner, Lunch
Sobou(504) 552-4095Drag Brunch Donation
Spudly’s Super Spuds(504) 261-7783Donating 25%Dinner, Lunch