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At our new site, we’re putting the same great CrescentCare whole-person health resources from four lociations in the same building. Here’s an idea of where everything will go!

CrescentCare expands primary care, dental services in new comprehensive care facility |

CrescentCare’s new comprehensive health center at 1631 Elysian Fields Ave. will combine four of its current service sites in New Orleans and add space for expanded dental, primary health and behavioral health services. The facility is expected to open in early 2019.

The 65,000 sq. ft. facility includes 32 examination rooms, another eight for dental services as well as space for behavioral health therapy and psychiatric services.

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CrescentCare Sets $4 Million Goal For New Comprehensive Health Center.

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54,000 Square Foot Health Home at 1631 Elysian Fields is Being Constructed to Revolutionize Health Outcomes in New Orleans.

January 10th 2018 – CrescentCare, a Federally Qualified Health Center which grew out of the NO/AIDS Task Force, has grown at an exponential pace in the past few years. To meet growing need, the agency made plans to build a new health center which will more than double its capacity to serve the community. The new site is going up at 1631 Elysian Fields, and by early 2019 will be offering primary medical care, dental care, behavioral health, and other supportive services for the greater New Orleans area. To complete the building, the agency needs $4 million more of the total cost, approximately $32 million. CrescentCare is turning to the community for this vital funding.

To a room of about a hundred long-time advocates and supporters, CEO Noel Twilbeck introduced the campaign, dubbed Deeply Rooted / Branching Out at Ralph’s on the Park Wednesday evening. An ask for funding was made, but he also requested help in spreading the word and enthusiasm about the necessity of this health center.

Twilbeck States, “This project will ultimately make an incredible impact on the community. As the campaign title suggests, we are poised to offer high-quality services we’ve cultivated over our decades of serving the community to thousands more—every contribution to this campaign will change lives, without question.

CrescentCare’s health homes present valuable opportunities for individuals and families in the neighborhoods surrounding them to access quality services which might otherwise be out of reach. Additionally, the centers operate at various hours that make it possible for workers in the service industry to be seen outside of traditional business hours. The 8th Ward neighborhood and the community at-large stand to reap significant benefits from this facility.
Rodney Thoulion, Director of Development for CrescentCare Remarks: “We are in a great position because sometimes campaigns like this have to start completely from scratch and it can take a long while for the facilities to go up. Because of our incredible partners, we’ve already got work started, so anyone can see where the efforts are going—just drive past the building on Elysian Fields and you can see the future of CrescentCare.”

The new facility is funded in part by New Market Tax credits provided by the Primary Care Development Corporation, Hope Enterprises, and Chase. Gould Evans serves as the artchitects and contractors. Donahue-Favret have been instrumental in the project.

At the conclusion of the event, one donor provided a $50,000 contribution to get the ball rolling. CrescentCare hopes to have more soon.

“We’re going to need a lot more like that,” said Alice Riener, Chief Legal and Policy Officer for CrescentCare, “Just like in the healthcare setting, there’s more work to be done, but it’s worth it, and we’re excited to share this project with the community. In the current policy environment, accessible, high-quality healthcare for everyone needs to be a whole-community priority.”

Individuals and groups interested in contributing to CrescentCare’s mission and the building of this new facility are encouraged to contact Rodney Thoulion, Director of Development at or 504.821.2601 ext.

WHO: CrescentCare
WHERE: New Facility Being Constructed at 1631 Elysian Fields
WHEN: Ongoing throughout 2018
CONTACT: or 504.821.2601 ext

WVUE : Hundreds of homeless neighbors get a home for the holidays

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) – Hundreds of New Orleans’s homeless will be getting a home this holiday season. Local organizations banded together to rescue families in need and the disabled from the streets.

Nettie Clancy has been living under the Claiborne bridge with her dog for more than a year.

“I have Lupus plus depression so you know, it’s tough and there’s no where you can go. To the shelters, but I have a dog and so you can’t take the dog and that’s all I have. He’s my baby,” said Clancy.

She’ll tell you horror stories of what it was like being a disabled woman with no where to go.

“I’m by myself, got so many men trying to pay you for sex, drugs, people overdosing and dying – and rough, very rough,” said Clancy.

Now, she and her best friend will have a roof over their heads just in time for the holidays.

“It’s amazing, it’s like God is so good, so good,” said Clancy.

UNITY of Greater New Orleans, with the help of 60 other local organizations, were able to rescue Clancy and others from the streets. Over the past 80 days, the group says it’s moved 56 homeless families out of emergency shelter, and 182 disabled homeless neighbors into permanent housing. Their campaign is called “200 Homes for the Holidays,” but this year, they were able to give more than 238 people a home for Christmas. The group says it’s been their most successful campaign ever to house the homeless.

“It’s a miracle that so many people who have suffered for so long – children, chronically homeless individuals with disabilities – all got housed for the holidays. Now, they’ll have a safe, warm home after years on the streets,” said UNITY of Greater New Orleans Executive Directo, Martha Kegel.

Clancy will receive rent assistance and a case manager who will help her become self-sufficient.

“I connect them with resources within their community, cause I’m the one that’s finding them the house. In finding the house for them, the home rather, I’m familiar with the city and things like that, I may say there’s a food bank there or a grocery store here,” said CrescentCare Housing Specialist Keishone Sylvester.

Clancy says she and her dog couldn’t be more grateful to finally have a place to call their own.

“It’s going to be quiet, and there’s not going to be no fights, and there’s not going to be no drugs, and Jesus thank you – just amazing,” said Clancy.

UNITY of Greater New Orleans says their work isn’t done yet. The coalition plans to help even more homeless families find a permanent place to live for the New Year. That’s something the group says is critically important when you consider a recent count found 62 homeless people died on the streets of New Orleans this year.

UNITY says Entergy provided a lot of the funding to make 200 Homes for the Holidays, happen.

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CrescentCare is one of the organizations partnering with UNITY to offer aid to the city’s homeless, and has housed over 140 homeless clients in the past year.
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