Medical Nutrition Therapy

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At CrescentCare, we consider nutrition to be a vital part of overall health. Our registered dietitians/nutritionists (RDNs) provide Medical Nutrition Therapy an evidence-based medical approach to managing certain chronic conditions, such as diabetes, using an individually-tailored nutrition plan.

CrescentCare RDNs provide the following services:

  • One on One Nutrition Sessions: available to CrescentCare patients who are interested in a healthy lifestyle or desire to reach specific nutrition-related goals.  With the One on One Education Sessions, the RDN evaluates a patient’s nutritional needs and health goals, counsels on eating habits and food choices, and creates an individualized nutrition plan.
  • Cooking classes: taught by registered dietitians where participants learn basic principles of nutrition and cooking skills in an interactive, hands-on class setting at our state of the art demonstration and teaching kitchen. Participants learn the healthy facts about certain foods and try different methods of food preparation that encourage a healthier lifestyle.
  • A Fresh Look at Diabetes is a CrescentCare diabetes self-management course for patients with diagnosis of diabetes. The classes and support groups are led by CrescentCare registered dietitians, health educators, a certified diabetes educator and medical providers.  A Fresh Look at Diabetes provides the education and support needed to help participants to manage diabetes with confidence.
  • Mind, Body, and Soul is holistic approach to weight management, helping participants to achieve a healthy weight, and optimal health and wellness through nutrition and lifestyle changes.  Mind, Body, and Soul is led by CrescentCare registered dietitians, health educators, and other health professionals.


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