Thank you for contacting us!  Please stay safe during this time.  

Due to the nature of communicating updates during an evacuation, we will continue to communicate updates to staff in the following ways:

1) Paycom

Paycom will be the primary resource for communication with staff during an emergent event.  We will place updates to staff on the Paycom main page, on the right hand side.

Please make sure that your contact information is updated in that system.    Supervisors and agency staff may use these numbers to contact you.  

Go to “My Information”/”Address and Contact Information”. There is a place to insert/update a primary phone number, secondary phone number, and 3 emergency phone numbers (and contact names).  We strongly recommend that you list one landline there as well.  If you have evacuated, please list where you are, in one of the emergency phone numbers.  

2) CrescentCare’s SMS text message system

If you have not done so already, please enroll in the SMS text messaging system where workplace notifications related to emergencies or threats are sent out.  

Send a text message to “97779”; in the body of the text, type “Natfstaff”; you will receive a confirmation text.

We will make all reasonable efforts to communicate to staff via all three methods: Paycom, the SMS text message system and the website.  Due to the nature of placing updates in a time of emergency, please note that Paycom may have more up to date information than this webpage.  

We will communicate with clients through the patient portal and the website.