Our Current Board:

Dorian-Gray Alexander
Policy Fellow/Intern
Co-Chair: 2016-June 2018
Trustee: 2014 – 2020

Angela Bowlin
Legal Partner-Frilot LLC
Co-Chair: 2017-2019
Trustee:  2015-2018

Ben Castillo
Senior Relationship Banker, Iberia Bank
Secretary: 2017-2019
Trustee:  2016-2019

Jeffrey Coco, MD
Touro Chief Medical Officer
Trustee: 2016-2019

Chris Duni
Teacher & Response to Intervention Coordinator
KIPP New Orleans Schools
Trustee: 2017-2020 

Jeremy Himel
Telerecruitment Manager
Trustee: 2017-2020

Bill Leech, Jr.
Manager, Personal Trainer
Treasurer: 2017-2019
Trustee: 2016-2019

Jerry Newton
Pastor and Insurance Agent
Trustee: 2016-2019

Deborah Palmer
Licensed Psychologist
Committee: Governance/ Nominating
Co-Chair: 2018-2020
Trustee: 2017-2020

Raymond Poliquit, M.D. FAAP
Physician Executive
Trustee: 2016-2019

Ed Trapido
Professor, Associate Dean of Research
LSU School of Public Health
Trustee: 2016-2019

Hardell Ward
Staff Attorney Housing Unit
Southeast Legal Services
Trustee: 2015-2018, 2018-2021

Todd Tartavoulle
Nurse Educator
Trustee:  2018-2021

Sergio Farfán
LLHC Co-Founder, Consumer Advocate
Trustee: 2014-2017, 2018-2021

Jessica Boykin-D’Ooge
Director of Adult Services at Kingsley House
Trustee:  2018-2021

John Keith Parchman
Staff Attorney
Trustee: 2018-2021

Shawn (Pepper) Bowen
Staff Attorney
Trustee: 2018-2021

Interested in joining our Board?

Here’s some background on the Board and what’s involved.

CrescentCare (previously the NO/AIDS Task Force) is a non-profit, 501(c)3 community-based organization whose mission is to offer comprehensive health and wellness services to the community, to advocate empowerment, to safeguard the rights and dignity of individuals, and to provide for an enlightened public. CrescentCare’s budget is $46 million with a staff of over 275 individuals.   

NO/AIDS Task Force was founded in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980s and has served the community in New Orleans for 33 years.   In 2013, the organization expanded its mission, became a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), and changed its name to CrescentCare.  It offers an array of services including primary medical care, dental, behavioral health, case management, health education, food and nutrition, housing, legal services, financial coaching, counseling and testing for HIV, Hepatitis C and other infectious diseases, and a syringe access program.    

Board requirements

  • Representative of the community and patient population (sex, gender, ethnicity)
  • 51% of board members must receive care at CrescentCare
  • No more than one half (50%) of the non-consumer board members may derive more than 10% of their annual income from the health care industry.
  • Between 11 and 25 members (we currently have 14 members)
  • The needed professional skills and experience to support the organization (finance, medical, real estate, legal, etc.)

The Process

  • Applications are referred to the Board of Trustees’ Governance/Nominating Committee – along with any information the applicant provides (résumé/CV, biographical sketch)    
  • The Governance/Nominating Committee reviews the application and makes a recommendation to the Board.   
  • New terms start July 1st and the term is 3 years. Board members may serve two consecutive three year terms.  

Board Member duties and responsibilities include:

  • Attend Board meetings (usually held on the first Monday evening of every month at 6:00 pm at 2601 Tulane Ave.).  The meetings usually last about an hour and half  
  • Serve on at least one committee of the Board (Governance, Quality, or Finance)
  • Support the fund development efforts of the Agency to the extent possible
  • Approve policies, hours of operation, locations
  • Ensure effective, efficient, and financially sound operation of the agency
  • Short and Long Term Strategic Planning
  • Evaluate the CEO  
  • Board self-evaluation
  • Serve as an advocate and ambassador for the organization
  • Duty of care, loyalty, and obedience to the organization

If you are interested in more information about joining the Board, please complete the form below. Contact Bren Broussard (504) 821-2601 x 144 with any questions.

Online Application: