Board of Directors

Dorian-Gray Alexander
Policy Fellow/Intern
Co-Chair: 2016-June 2018

Katherine Andrinopoulos MHS, PhD
Researcher Tulane School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine
Trustee: 2016-June 2019

Gina Brown
Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies, CHIP Program Coordinator
Trustee: July 2016-June 2019

Edward Bonin
Family Nurse Practitioner
Trustee: 2010-2013, 2013-2016, June 2017

Angela Bowlin
Legal Partner-Frilot LLC
Trustee: 2015-June 2018

Ben Castillo
Senior Relationship Banker, Iberia Bank
Trustee: 2016-June 2019                                            

Jeffrey Coco, MD
Touro Chief Medical Officer
Trustee 2016-June 2019

Sergio Farfán
LLHC Co-Founder, Consumer Advocate
Trustee: 2014-June 2017

Lori Gordon BCPS, AAHIVP
Clinical Assistant Professor, Pharmacist
Trustee: 2016-June 2019

Peggy Honoré DHA
Associate Professor/Researcher
Trustee: 2015-June 2018

Alexandra Kasik
Success Coach Tulane University
Trustee: 2015-June 2018

Bill Leech, Jr.
Manager, Personal Trainer
Trustee: 2016-June 2019                                               

Jerry Newton
American National Life Insurance
Licensed Insurance Agent
Trustee: January 2016-June 2019

Stephanie Tortu PhD  
Co-Chair 2015-2017

Ed Trapido
Professor, Associate Dean of Research
LSU School of Public Health
Trustee: 2016-June 2019

Hardell Ward
Staff Attorney Housing Unit Southeast Legal Services
Trustee: 2015-June 2016

Raymond Poliquit, M.D., FAAP
Medical Director, Amerigroup
Trustee: December 2016-June 2019

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